Femelife is the vision of Dr.S.K.Sahu the visionary founder-Director & Chairman of Femelife Group and Dr. Nabaneeta Padhy - The Founder-Director & Medical Director of Femelife Fertility Foundation. Femelife is widely recognized as the architect of modern IVF Treatment in India.

Dr. Nabaneeta and her team have acquired special expertise in treating problems of IVF, laparoscopy, reproductive endocrinology, menopause, and infertility. They are sensitive and considerate to the emotions that often accompany reproductive problems, and treat each patient with compassion and with every consideration for the patient's privacy.

She is best described as a compassionate humanitarian, who has dedicated her life to bring high tech IVF treatment to the economic and geographic reach of millions of people. The institution that she envisioned FEMELIFE FERTILITY, is a revolution in the field of infertility treatment in India.

Femelife laid its strong foundation in 2010 with a mission to serve people and to provide the finest care in reproductive medicine.

Femelife Fertility Foundation opened its doors to introduce quality healthcare in the field of infertility and IVF treatment, at an affordable cost.

Over the years, Femelife has extended its wings to many branched in India and abroad.

Evolution Of Femelife

  • 2010- Registered Company of Femelife Fertility Foundation opened its doors
  • 2013- Started Nigeria Branch-Port Harcourt
  • 2016- Branch at Ambattur
  • 2011- Branch at Bhubaneswar
  • 2014-Branch at Tirupati
  • 2016- Bangladesh Branch
  • 2012-Started Berhampur Branch
  • 2015- Branch at Kolkata

Femelife is recognized as the pioneer of modern IVF Treatment in India with advanced technology with a HIGH SUCCESS RATE. It is regarded as forerunner of integrated advanced IVF Treatment.


MD [O&G], IVF Specialist, Senior Consultant & Laparoscopic Surgeon.

Dr.Nabaneeta MD, is committed to excellence in women's healthcare. She is a renowned Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and specialist in reproductive medicine and laparoscopic surgery. She has acclaimed international recognition in the form of only Indian scientist recognised by the prestigious JOURNAL OF ASSISTED REPRODUCTION AND GENETICS, an official publication of AMERICAN SOCIETY OF REPRODUCTVE MEDICINE.


Dr. Sujit Kumar Sahu is the Chairman of Femelife Group. He is a dynamic, young leader who has made a mark on the global landscape by pursuing objectives of being a Professional as Interventional Cardiologist and parallel incubation and expansion of Femelife Fertility Clinic as the finest health care provider in the field of Reproductive medicine over India and abroad.

More than two decades of rich medical experience makes him pivotal in excellence of Femelife in the medical field. His intrinsic high energy level and exceptional analytical skill has been an example and constant source of inspirations for team members and young generations.

Sujit is an alumnus of prestigious Secondary Board High School and Ravenshaw college, Cuttack. He completed MBBS and MD [General Medicine] from MKCG Medical college. He was awarded Degree in DNB Cardiology by National Board of Education's, New Delhi.

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